Performance and Theatre



Dishonourmy is the legitimate trade of misinformation, profitable due to the probable confusion of a third party. It is an interactive performance experiment for small audiences. It is about being caught in a despicable lie and how to make the most of it. It is a new work in development in 2018





The Sorcerers Mirror

A short performance work created for The Leftovers Collective – this sound collage is a response to climate change. Original material sourced from

ABC Radio National – Climate of emotion: Hope.

The Sorcerers Mirror – By Andrew Motion.

Spoken word and Flugal horn – Jane Grimley

The work was presented by a cyborg performer whos physical body (unlike other performers in the work) was not present in the space. A portable speaker stood in place of the body and after the performance it was possible to interact with the cyborg artist by speaking via facebook chat (audio only – image concealed)

Listen to the audio from this performance



Seven is a one on one performance about relationships and consent.

First presented at Gut Gallery opening curated by Melanie Eden – Sydney 2015

MKA’s Hot! Hot! Hot! Arts Festival alongside work by Dopplegangster  – Melbourne 2016

Proximity at Scratch Art Space. Curated by Tom Isaacs and featuring the work of Alex Wisser; Katya Petetskaya; Bonnie Cowan; Scott Sinclair; Kate Brown and Alan Schacher. Part of the Inner West Council Open Studio Trail Scratch Art Space alongside Horse by Grace Costa. – Marrickville 2017