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a risky journey that invites the critical thinking of adulthood and limitless dreams of youth

Emergency Crash Landing is an immersive game of multiple choice.

The year is 3061 and Earth is on the cusp of environmental collapse. The audience enter with the knowledge that they have been handpicked for the last mission from Earth to the new planet; Partha. The aim is to safely deliver the crew to the new planet.

Everyone wears identical spacesuits and there is no clearly defined stage area or audience area. During the show, three performers play the roles of captain, navigator, aliens, the ship’s computer, space rebels and more. As the story unfolds we encounter various challenges. The crew, the audience will make decisions as a team to overcome challenges and reach our final destination.
It’s a like being inside a science fiction movie, but it’s also – choose your own adventure.

Join the crew as they blast off for an unknown destination in this choose-your-own-adventure, adventure!

How To Host A Seance With Kevin Costner

What is the difference between being possessed by a spirit and being a highly committed actor? Is Hollywood spiritual? Is the internet a spiritual place? Is theatre both spiritual and entertaining?  Can you believe completely in both at once? Where is the place where truth and fiction mix? I am an actor. I am a medium. I am a priest. I am a magician.

It is both sincere and irreverent. It is participatory, intimate and respectful to people past and present. There is a real seance during the performance, and the work was inspired by a moving speech Kevin Costner made at Whitney Houston’s funeral.

I was your pretend body guard once, not so long ago and now you’re gone, too soon, leaving us with memories. Memories of a little girl who stepped in font of this church, in front of the ones who loved you first, in front of the ones who loved you best, loved you longest, and the bolder you stepped into the white hot light of the world stage. And what you did, is the rarest of achievements.

Tom Albert, Jane Grimley and Vincent Parfitt - Image from Daily Telegraph September 2013

The Passenger

(2011) Sydney, Brisbane, (Canberra 2013) 30 min performance for three audience members inside a moving car Jane Grimley and Jaya Sound invite you to be their passenger on a 30-minute driven journey, inviting you to look and listen. This work uses a carefully crafted route framed by a car ride to provoke questions about place. They work with a local sound artist to create a sound score as an integral part of the experience. Places once familiar are made beautifully strange, and the history rules and stories of the location are blended to create this unique work. Collaborating Sound Artists, Michelle Outram and Tom Hogan.

Look Out Mr Stranger

A songbook for yelling women.

This project began it’s life at Henson park football stadium. Supported by the Marrickville Council Cultural Grants Scheme this work was a simple artistic investigation into the home of Australia’s oldest rugby league club, and the place that represented them.

Brian Fuata, Lizzy Thompson, Holly Thomson and Jane Grimley researched and responded to the historic, physical and social landscape as an investigation into cycles and symbols. We gathered a group of performers and experimented with both physical and vocal embodiments of space. As a result of that initial investigation we have been inspired to create a libretto of songs to be sung through megaphones.


Faster Lady Godiva Faster

2High Festival Powerhouse Brisbane, Crack Theatre Festival

Tamarama Rock Surfers Theatre Company – The Old Fitz (2009 – 2011) A story of conquest, failure and what it might be to be a naked and powerful woman. Devised and performed by Natalie Randall, Caz Eccles and Jane Grimley. This work is a physical performance of endurance, dance and a dramatic collection of fragmented stories, responding to notions and mythologies of female identity.

The Witness In The Wall

“…and what exactly did you see?” A search for intimacy in a surveillance culture, a world of watching and being watched. An interdisciplinary collaboration exploring voyeurism, surveillance, intimacy, honesty, morality and privacy. Newtown Theatre, Crack Theatre Festival 2010

Dir. Jane Grimley

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