Performance and Theatre

Four Temperaments

Four Temperaments is a rare art event, tucked away in an office in The Rocks. It is an exciting collection of short works performed in a space transformed into a make-shift theatre. The audience moves from room to room, enjoying four new works, each of a different temperament. It offers up the thoughtful, the flamboyant, the experimental and the hilarious.

Curated by Jane Grimley and presented by Word Travels and The Rocks Pop Up, it highlights the work of Sydney’s creative contemporary performance and writing communities.


Poetry: Daniel East is offering up poetry violent, sweet, forlorn and sexy, Daniel’s play Sexy Tales of Paleontology (co-written with Patrick Lenton) won the 2010 Sydney Fringe Comedy Award and he is also a member of Australia’s only performance poetry boyband, The Bracket Creeps.

Performance: A new work in incubation, a short performance piece by Australian writer Charles Purcell. Unsettling, funny, familiar. Very funny and odd, quite odd.

Story: Andreea Kindryd invites you to settle in for one amazing true story. She hung out with MalcolmX, Martin Luther King, and Star Trek’s Gene Coon; dropped acid; rioted in Watts. She taps into her family’s and her own dramatic and touching history.

Sound: Vanessa Black invites you to wander in the illusionary Sound of Seven Bells where sounds conjure up characters around you. Step inside a visually rich Dickensesque, post-steampunk landscape.