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How To Host A Seance with Kevin Costner

An experiment in magic and scepticism by Jane Grimley, Vincent Parfitt, Thomas Albert and Tamara Auer

What do priests and magicians have in common?

What happens when your physical body can no longer contain the stories you counjour up to guide your own life?

What is the difference between being possessed by a spirit and being a highly committed actor?

Join spiritualist  Jane Grimley and mentalist Vincent Parfitt, as they take you on a journey to bunk and debunk notions of magic, faith and the supernatural.

Vincent Parfitt’s work as a mentalist and illusionist is superb. His career has spanned theatre, film and television in Australia and the UK. He has studied under illustrious Magicians and details into his apprenticeship and practice are highly coveted secrets. As charismatic as he is enigmatic Vincent Parfitt is one of Sydney’s finest mentalists.

Jane Grimley comes from a long line of pagan clairvoyants and Wiccan shamans and has carried on her matriarchal legacy through contemporary performance.  Jane was previously the Co Artistic Director of the Crack Theatre Festival of experimental theatre, part of This is Not Art, and winner of the Sydney Fringe Festival’s Excellence in Theatre award 2010.

This unusual, hilarious and often genuinely haunting show will have audiences questioning each other, themselves and their deeply-held beliefs. It provides laughter, mystical experience and a transformative journey to the underside of reality.