Performance and Theatre

The Passenger

This work collects three audience members by car from a street location and uses the views from the car windows, the movement of the cars journey through the landscape and layers it with a sound score played inside the car from the stereo. It is completely dependent upon the site of the performance and has had two incarnations the first in Glebe Sydney and the second in Brisbane part of Anywhere Theatre Festival.

It explores the gentrification of  industrial areas and the reinterpretation of the history of place.

Click here to listen to part of ‘Beatnix’ track from The Passenger, Brisbane

Sound Artist Michelle Outram used archival samples and mixed them into a composite sound design in response to the areas we drove through. The development of the project included mapping, photographing and devising a route that invited interesting stories and contrasts. A route that looked at something social and interested, a new way of seeing the world around you.

Artists: Jane Grimley, Jaya Sound, Michelle Outram (Brisbane), Tom Hogan (Sydney)

Click here to listen to ‘The War is Over’ – The Passenger, Brisbane