Performance and Theatre

The Witness in The Wall

Witness in the Wall was a work about finding intimacy in a contemporary surveillance culture? It was inspired by real events and performed independently at Newtown Theatre.

I was on a bus one evening and I noticed that I could not see myself in the ‘on board’ security monitor. There are many possible explanations, but I thought of three I’d like to share

  1. I did not exist
  2. I existed but didn’t know what the bus thought I looked like, and so I could not identify myself on screen
  3. I was sitting in a seat that was out of frame and immediately became the most dangerous person on the bus

Once I saw a young man being assaulted by a bouncer outside a pub. As I walked away I turned on my mobile phone video camera and filmed them from a safe distance.

  1. I thought that I couldn’t physically stop the bouncer but the young man would need evidence if he wanted to press charges
  2. I thought I could use this footage to blackmail the security company and make a quick profit
  3. I thought watching someone get their head bashed in through a tiny screen is much better than just standing there watching it with my naked eyes.