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Empire By Kinetic Energy Theatre Company

EMPIRE by Kinetic Energy Theatre Company. Photographs by Corrie Ancone

Written by Graham Jones and Jepke Goudsmit inspired by Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks.

EMPIRE draws an arch right from the birth of the “Idea of America” when the first colonists crossed the ocean, to the US Empire’s present day excesses. This gritty play is a backstage tour through the corridors of power, led by Arundhati Roy and Noam Chomsky, heading a ten-person cast of colourful characters. G.W.Bush at his most candid on the golf course. American founding father John Winthrop laying down the puritan principles of his Massachusetts colony and expelling Anne Hutchinson for speaking up for the natives in the course of it. An U.S. bomber pilot takes you on a secret mission over Laos and gives you a chilling breakdown on the effects of napalm. Bradley Manning’s controversial chats with Adrian Lamo, a confession for you to witness live on stage and the screen. The much talked about ‘Collateral Murder’ footage is juxtaposed with CNN’s news program “Beyond Borders”.

“What lies behind the phrases ‘Free Speech’, the ‘Free Market’, the ‘Free World’ and that beautiful, sunny word ‘Freedom’…”

Jane Grimley and Rob Gray, Photograph by Corrie Ancone

Floyd Robinson, Damon Biggar and Jane Grimley Photograph by Corrie Ancone